Mindfulness Amongst The Vines

In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, achieving and maintaining optimal health and the best versions of ourselves, can be a challenge.

Do you struggle with various aspects of your well-being. Is getting your nutrition on point is a struggle, or maybe getting motivated to exercise more is your biggest irritant? Or is managing stress and finding balance in your life just a pipe dream?

Finding harmony in your life doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.  Learn to calm your mind and nervous system with an integrative health coach who can guide you through mindful practices to calm your nervous sytem enough to help you respond more calmly to life’s daily stressors – rather than being explosive and reactive.

For this round of Mindfulness Amongst the Vines we will focus on the heart practices from the Buddhist tradition which include:

  • Goodwill (metta),
  • Compassion (karuna),
  • Empathetic joy (mudita) and
  • Equanimity (upekkha).
  • We will also bring in neuroscience, positive psychology and more.

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with these practices or anything to do with Buddhist traditions, they are truly for everyone. I keep mindfulness practices easy, simple and practical for your daily life.

These sessions are kept small so we have the opportunity to buid community and see each other in person, something I believe we are all craving after the isolation of the pandemic.

We meet once a month at the gorgeous Hidden Hills Farm & Vineyard for a 90 minute class, followed by one glass of wine together (included in your class fee) and perhaps music and a food truck.

If any of this resonates in the least, sign up for ONE or ALL FOUR sessions beginning August 12.

Cheers! and Namaste! (The light in me recognized the light in you)



Your Facilitator: Tara Cassidy, MS, NBC-HWC, helps busy professionals get unstuck in all they ways you are not reaching your full potential through a holisitc approach. Tara works with her clients using evidence-based behavior change practices in an easy, calm manner. She also helps mindset shifts through learning self-kindness and easy, practical mindfulness practices without having to sit on a cushion. Humor, ease and intuition are her strong suits.

Tara’s desire is to help thousands of women find peace and ease with both food and their bodies and live a joyful life and appreciate the skin they are in.

Tara currently lives in Frederick, MD with her life-partner, young-adult son and aging rescue dog, Butch Cassidy.

She can be found on the web: www.cassidywellnesscoaching.com and on Facebook: @CassidyWellnessCoaching and has a FB Group to support women on their health journey: Feeding Your Confidence & Nourishing Your Soul

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Nov 18 2023
Eastern Daylight Time
10:30 am – 12:00 pm


Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard
7550 Green Valley Road Frederick, MD
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