i know you because i am you

Get To Know Tara

My own healing came as I discovered food as medicine, Vipassana meditation, a variety of ways to move my body and a sense of community in like minded people.

I’ve navigated a lot of life’s events where food, movement, mindfulness and community has proven to heal.

I’ve navigated easing seasonal and food allergies, healed chronic sinusitis and chronic candidiasis, learned to better manage anxiety & depression, healed chronic gut issues and worked through brain fog and adrenal fatigue. I’ve also managed divorce, single parenthood, dealing with my own anxiety and depression along with my son’s, working full time often with a side hustle, financial stress, bad jobs and bad bosses, being a dog-mom, dating and entering into a life partnership after 14 years single.

Life happens! There will always be highs and lows but it’s all in how we respond to life that determines how much, and how long we suffer.

My sun sign is Cancer in the year of the metal dog, ENFP on the Myers Briggs, Enneagram Type 7, BANK code N.A.K.B.

What our clients say about us

Lauren D. 

Tara is a perceptive listener with empathy, loving interest, and encouragement for others. She is dedicated to helping people realize their goals and is very good and indefatigable in doing so. I highly recommend her to everyone seeking support in their efforts towards self-improvement.

-Erin Sonn

Tara has such a kind, compassionate, and informed presence and was very skilled at guiding us through meditation and introspection to investigate our patterns of eating and drinking. She offered concrete tools for being more present at mealtime and for fully enjoying these experiences.

Janet G. 

I found working with Tara for my “Home Kitchen Consultation” to be so helpful in getting my healthy kitchen and healthy eating journey started. Sitting down together to review recipes, specifically defining my “yes” foods, shopping together and learning the right size to chop items for cooking were all immensely helpful to kickstart my journey.