healthy lifestyle blueprint

90 minutes to jumpstart your journey to more energy, better gut health & reducing stress.

Coaching Package

Using my P.E.A.C.E. process to help you get to your health & wellness goals.

Pause. Let’s stop the direction that’s not working, look inward and set goals for what it is you DO desire.

Educate. We’ll fill in the gaps together of where you need more knowledge to help you make educated decisions for you today.

Action. This is where you get to practice new knowledge toward your desired goals in tiny, achievable ways.

Connecting and Celebrating. Where everything comes together. Connecting the dots and celebrating the process & journey of your amazing life.

Evolve! What’s next? What is in the gap between where you are now and where and who you desire to be? This is where we get to go deeper each time as we’re not the same person through our evolution.

All 3-month packages are customized to each clients’ needs and some areas below may or may not be covered in our time together.

The information below is an overview of areas covered.

  • The Big Picture: Values and Discovering your life from 30,000 feet – The Wellness Wheel
  • Setting You up for Success: Mindset and Mantras
  • Keeping Track (Food and Habit Tracker)
  • Food/Nutrition/Sleep/Community/Finances or Career and/or Physical Activity
  • Digging into the Deep Work
  • Areas of Focus: Habits and daily routines
  • Sleep and Community
  • How does rest affect your health?
  • How does the support of community affect your
  • Work and relationships
  • Areas of Focus: Stress
  • How does stress affect my weight and energy?
  • Mindfulness Tools
  • Where and how does stress show up for you?

Varies by Individual and can include any area of our lives

(Family, Career, Community, Physical Health, Spirituality/Religion, Health, Finances)

Investment – $249